Introducing The Revolutionary '7 Minute Mindfulness' Brain Enhancement System...

...Thanks To These Cutting-Edge 7 Minute Audio Tracks You'll Experience Inner Peace, Reduced Stress, Better Sleep, And You'll Feel Abundantly Happier!

brain training

Hi I'm Greg, and I want to show you how I increased my brain performance (most recently while learning Spanish then German).

This helped me overcome the never-ending pain of an injury from the past, it lifted my emotional threshold, and it enables me to quickly melt away the stress that builds up each day...

It's super fast and easy...

...and all I can say is that I'm more productive now and I enjoy the colors of life more thanks to this!

AND YOU TOO can use this system to be more effective at work and home, to communicate better, have better relationships, learn faster, achieve your goals faster, and be more calm and resilient.

Plus this will help you to...

  • Be more creative
  • Deal with emotions better
  • Have more energy
  • Be more present and free of constant distractions

... all in 7 minutes per day!

Whether you've been using mindfulness techniques for years or you're brand new...
... please try this.

Let me show you this fast, easy, science based method to feel less stressed and to flourish in life.

Here's what happened...

During university I tried meditation. yoga and meditation

The idea was to get an extra edge on my education and my life.

I dabbled at first, then more and more after I saw my grades improving.

But there was a MAJOR problem...
Meditation takes a long time, it can be tough... And after a while... I just couldn't stick to it

I'd be on top of the world, my mind would be calm, I'd have better focus, I'd be more creative, I'd be enjoying life more...

And then for one reason or another... I'd just stop meditating.

Sometimes it was because "I didn't have time", sometimes it was because "I didn't know if I was doing it right", sometimes I just found it "difficult to sit and focus", and sometimes I'd stop without any particular reason at all...

Meditation was like going to the gym: I KNEW it was good for me, I'd SEEN my life transformed as a direct result of meditation, but it kept ending up in the "Too-Hard Basket".

I felt like an idiot...

Why couldn't I meditate consistently?

I tried to hold myself accountable. I tried doing it with friends, downloaded apps, but nothing could get it to stick...

Have you ever experienced that feeling of knowing what you should be doing, but you're still not doing it consistently?

If you're anything like me, it can quickly turn into guilt and disappointment... when you were on to a good thing but let the opportunity slip away.

That was the worst part...

Life was like a heart monitor machine...climbing then dropping during the good times and bad.

When I had the energy and time to meditate, my quality of life soared...

I could easily deal with stress and challenging situations. I had confidence, my mind was clear, and good things seemed to naturally come my way...

But when I DIDN'T have the energy or time to meditate, my life sunk...

Over the next few years, many times over, I experienced the highs and lows which came with a meditation practice I couldn't quite keep.

And WORST of all... everytime I fell into a slump, I couldn't recover as well.

meditation for work stress As my career and life got busier and busier, my meditation practice DIED.

The creativity and joy was draining out of my life...

My mind was overwhelmed with problems...

I felt defeated.

I needed a solution, so I turned to one of my most trusted friends, Jimmy.

Jimmy had studied nutrition, personal training, and performance psychology and is now a school teacher and high performance coach...

He constantly searches for a better way, and he TAKES ACTION... so he's a perfect mentor for these situations...

Well... Jimmy immediately spotted the weakness in my attempts to meditate.

Jimmy gave me the simplest but most life changing piece of wisdom that day...

This is what he told me:

"If you have to FORCE yourself to meditate, you will never do it consistently..."

"So stop trying to fight it with muscle, and find a work around... like successful people do."

"It needs to be immediately enjoyable."

"If it's not enjoyable from the moment you start, then you will have Meditation Resistance right from the start."

Jimmy explained that the answer is NOT more discipline and more will power, because eventually that's going to give way.


Like a good school teacher, Jimmy set me an assignment:

Find the smart way to get all the benefits of meditation...

Without the struggle...

Without the mental resistance...

Without having to carve out a chunk of your day to concentrate!

So I set off to explore the possibilities... to feed my mind with more calm, focus, and clarity in a way I'd actually stick to.

And over the next 5 years, the journey took on a life of its own...

I inhaled EVERY ounce of knowledge about meditation, mindfulness, and the mind-body connection I could find...

I Travelled to Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Brazil and Germany...

Investigating traditional zen practices AND researching what modern science knows today about the power of the mind... learning about mindfulness around the world
I compiled the best meditation, mindfulness, and brain training techniques (and filtered out what worked and what didn't.)

I learned how stress builds up in our bodies over the years...

...and when we DON'T release stress... we get sick, diseased, unhappy, and suffer from chronic tension...

And I heard from countless people who were struggling with meditation... including some who had traumatic experiences at long-form meditation retreats

I found a whole range of techniques that release stress and improve the performance of our brains...

Traditional meditation isn't the only option... It's just one method that has gained the most popularity.

This is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness...

Meditation is just one Mindfulness method.

Mindfulness can be working for you all the time... Essentially on autopilot!
... there are other ways to achieve this "present moment awareness" that DON'T involve sitting for 30 minutes or an hour at a time!

Your "Calming Mind" can actually be working ALL THE TIME...

Making you more present...and constantly feeding you more energy, clarity, and joy.

I Discovered 3 Central Truths About Mindfulness

These are THE KEY to making mindfulness accessible for ANY PERSON on earth!

First I learned that it's not about you doing meditation or being the "source" of mental strength...

But the transformation comes from directing your attention away from the constant flow of thoughts...

Sounds pretty basic, but it's an important distinction, so listen close...

I learned this from a former monk who shared some of my difficulties with "meditation resistance" and even suffered physical injuries from meditating for hours at a time.

He explained that there are 2 ways to direct your attention...

Option 1 is Active Directed Attention (the struggle method where you force your mind to focus)...

And option 2 is Passive Directed Attention - where someone tells you where to direct your attention.

Because it's someone else's voice, it doesn't require cognitive effort. You're simply listening to someone else's instructions (If I tell you to think about the color red, you think about the color red).

Then came the second and most important discovery...

I learned that when you combine directed attention with other mindfulness techniques, it becomes SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL.

It magnifies your ability to de-stress and relax even faster, tune into the present moment, and give your mind the space it needs to declutter...

It's like restarting your computer, clearing away all those distracting thoughts that you don't actually need right now.

The Roosevelt University Stress Institute researched the effect of special music on the brain's relaxation 'R-States'.

mindfulness music
Results showed deep psychological relaxation and less stress when subjects listen to this special music.

So I dived deeper into researching theraputic music, and discovered one final secret that CHANGED EVERYTHING...

It's an idea which was first explored in Germany in 1839, but only recently has technology allowed us to truly capture its power...

Technology called "Binaural Beats"

quick binaural tones meditation Binaural beats are like a massage for your mind...

Audio tones of two slightly different frequencies are embedded into a music track, so your left ear and right ear hear slightly different sounds...

... which 'tricks' your brain into hearing a third, illusionary tone, and sends your mind into a state of deep relaxation.

Binaural Beats create Relaxation and help you control your Mood

brain improvement program A study published in the Journal of Psychological Research found that...

"Low-frequency binaural beats are associated with mental relaxation and high frequency beats with alertness and attentional concentration."
(Vernon, 2009; Turow & Lane, 2011), (Colzato et al., 2014) [13,14,15]


"Several studies have sought to modulate mood states by binaural-beat stimulation."

"Wahbeh and colleagues looked at the effect of binaural beats at theta (7 Hz) and delta (0-4 Hz) frequencies on mood states."

They reported a decrease in total mood disturbance, as well as a decrease in tension, anxiety, confusion, and fatigue subscales.
(Chaieb et al., 2015) [16]

Beyond relaxation and improvements in mood control, Binaural Beats are also believed to promote neuron growth in your brain and increase cognitive abilities.
[7, 8, 9, 10, 11]
Binaural Beats quickly sink your mind into relaxation.

They make your brain stronger, and more able to quickly process things...

Including emotions, stress, and mentally challenging tasks.

With the correct sequencing, Binaural Beats are a safe, natural, and powerful way to enhance directed attention!

This is gentle, effortless Yoga for your mind!

With fresh passion, I researched, tested, and developed the system more and more and more...

I took ALL of these incredible Directed Attention techniques I had discovered and combined them with the most calming relaxation music and the right Binaural Beat audio sequences...


Press 'Play' to Experience the Most Interesting 7 Minutes of Your Life

As I discovered, seven minutes is all it takes to relax your mind and body into an incredibly deep state of calm...

And the best thing is, you don't have to spend an hour or even half an hour forcing your mind in meditation...

All you do is lie back, plug in your headphones and listen to an audio track for just 7 minutes...

...and the stress and busy thoughts melt away

Does this sound amazing to you? Well, I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to experience...

Dan was struggling with stress, anxiety, and always feeling tired.
He tried the system, and here's what he messaged me two hours later:

"WOW! As soon as I started listening to the Bodyscan track, I immediately felt my stress and anxiety leave my body, which was replaced by a refreshing positive energy I haven't felt for years!"
-- Dan from Australia

I was so happy to be helping others discover the power of mindfulness and use it to overcome the obstacles they were facing.

Soon I was contacted by an online publishing house who had gotten wind of my powerful method.

The Publisher asked me to transform all of my mindfulness tracks, research, and techniques into an online program. That way I could help more people.

And that's how this fast, powerful mindfulness program was born... a program called:

Seven Minute Mindfulness

Experience Ultimate Inner Peace And Live Your Best Life!

Here's what you get...

First you get the incredible Seven Minute Mindfulness Audio Program...

Each mindfulness session is embedded with Binaural Beats, Passive Directed Attention Scripts, and ultra-relaxation music.

Simply listen for 7 minutes each day...

... and let these short mindfulness sessions massage your tense mind, remove stress and anxiety, and plant seeds of calm relaxation that allow you to flourish and nurture the life you want.

This complete mindfulness program is the result of over 5 years of research and a whole lot of passion...

Taking Ancient Eastern Mindfulness Secrets and combining them with the latest brain research developments, the right Binaural Tone Sequences, and Meditative Relaxation Music...
Listen for just 7 minutes and...
  • Release any stress that builds up inside you...
  • Improve your brain structure...
  • Boost your creativity...
  • Gain emotional strength...
  • Have more energy...
  • Be more present and free from constant distractions!

Seven Minute Mindfulness is available right now to download to your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever device you have.

The best part is that you don't need any special skills to use this program.

Just plug in a pair of headphones, listen to an audio track, and your brain will enter a powerful state of calm.

You will gain enormous clarity, relief, and increased brain performance!

In just 7 minutes per day!

Most people can't even shower and put their clothes on in 7 minutes... But you can destress, then feed your mind with calmness, creativity, and power!

PLUS you'll also get...

The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook

Downloadable .PDF Ebook File.
Read it on your computer, phone, kindle, tablet... or printing it is nice.

This is a completely optional guide to supplement the audio system.

You'll get all the knowledge, research, and background to how the system works... and how mindfulness works more deeply...

Plus some extra little tricks that don't come under the umbrella of the main audio program.

There's some theory, a little science, and a lot of practical advice you can use to boost your mind and your life.

From centuries of traditional healing and wellbeing practices, to the radical discoveries of modern science and technology.

You'll also hear real life case studies of others who have overcome the road-blocks that were holding them back (prepare to be wowed and inspired!).

Inside, we also explore the mind-body connection, including how specific hormones raise your heartrate, quicken your breathing and prime your muscles for action... but these same hormones can also cause damage.... Learn what you can do now to promote long term good health.

Plus, take a look at the Limbic System - the part of your brain which controls emotional responses. Discover how stress upsets the balance of your limbic system... and how you can restore that balance and quickly recover.

This is a beautifully presented and very useful ebook, that I'm sure you will love.

But let me be honest with you...

Even if you ONLY want to use to the Seven Minute Mindfulness audio program, and not even read the guidebook... will gain enormous clarity, relief, and energy to be your best!

Just minutes from now you'll be able to use Seven Minute Mindfulness to reduce anxiety... relieve stress and physical pain... be more creative... communicate better... and gain mental strength....

So let me ask you...

"Are you ready to embrace your incredible future?"

If you're still reading this, it means the answer is YES.

Just imagine how it will feel to bounce out of bed each morning excited for life and full of energy...

Imagine being able to scrub your mind clean of any residual stress each day....

Can you honestly imagine what it will feel like to have an abundance of confidence propelling you towards everything you desire in life?

And better yet, to get all of this without having to work hard, deal with "meditation resistance", or spend hours learning how...

With all of that in mind, let me ask you...

What do YOU think would be a fair price for Seven Minute Mindfulness?

the key to mindfulness
What is it worth to you to feel a rare kind of happiness and inner peace ?

Remember you won't find this method anywhere else...

So, would ninety seven dollars be a fair price for that kind of life changing program?

As I am sure you can agree, putting a fair price on this program wasn't easy...

After all, it is the key to take control of your mind and transform your life in the best way possible...

But the thing is... I believe the reason I discovered this method was to put it in the hands of people who need it the most...

People who, like me, want to transform into a stronger, happier, healthier person...

My mission is to make this easy-to-use system as affordable and risk free as possible...

Which is why you're NOT going to pay $97 for "Seven Minute Mindfulness"...

Or even $47...

For you today, I am giving you my special price of...

Just $17!

Yes - that's a 82% discount!

Just click the "Add To Cart" button in the order box below, and it's all yours immediately...

Listen to the first seven minute audio session and observe how it quickly wipes away your stress and tension...

Witness how you can have more energy, a better quality of life, and a rainbow of positive thoughts that pour through your veins...

But you must take action right now

I know what it's like to want to take the time to "think about it"...

But my publisher is telling me I simply can't continue selling a system so powerful for just $17... because it is worth so much more...

If you're still seeing this page it means my publisher hasn't made me raise the price to where it should be just yet...

However if you need to think about it and check in later today or tomorrow, I can't promise this offer will still be available...

And if the price has doubled or even tripled, then I am sorry but it's out of my hands and there is nothing I can do for you...

So please, don't miss your window of opportunity...

Claim your discount by clicking the Add to Cart button now

Order Seven Minute Mindfulness

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I guarantee this is one of the BEST decisions you will ever make...

Which is why, just to show you there's absolutely NO WAY you can lose with this... I'm going to back it up with a jaw-dropping guarantee...

Here's how it works...

If you don't experience amazing results from my system within the first sixty days of using it, and you don't feel like it is worth at least five times what you paid, I will refund every penny.

No hassles and no question asked.

Why am I offering you such a comprehensive 60-day money back guarantee?

Because I want to make your decision as risk-free as possible.

My goal is your success... And while I am confident you won't need it, I want you to feel completely comfortable when you get your hands on my powerful mindfulness system...

That's my promise to you.


You have a risk free purchase...

Not convinced yet? Well let me do something to make your decision even easier...

I want you to feel that this is the most incredible deal...SO...

I'll also give you THREE amazing free gifts as an extra bonus!

Just for choosing to say YES today...

Bonus Gift Number 1...

Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises

ebook of mindfulness exercises

Worth $19

Some people wrote to me and asked for more they can do, for example "mindfulness exercises that can be used while working."

So I compiled this short reference style book of great mindfulness exercises.

Use these when your mind gets weighed down, when you have a tough decision to make, or when you feel yourself getting carried away with thought trains that don't help you.

Bonus Gift Number 2...

The Mindful Millionaire Formula

ebook of mindfulness exercises

Worth $19

Want to rearrange your thinking patterns and become a magnet for wealth and success?

The Mindful Millionaire Formula is presented by a very special self-made millionaire guest...

Get the mindset traits which give this high-performer his edge.

  • How to have a "can do anything" attitude.
  • Negotiate with a win-win mindset.
  • 1 vital secret to master wealth generation.
  • How to leverage your time like a pro.
...And much more!

Bonus Gift Number 3...

Your Ultimate Love Life Plan

ebook of mindfulness exercises

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What would it be worth to have your ultimate love life?

Well Professional Marriage Counsellor Bob Grant has recorded the comprehensive audio session, Your Ultimate Love Life Plan.

Get some gems of insight about how to nurture love that is romantic, supportive, and ultimately fulfilling!

Add it all up... And you get $57 worth of bonuses ALONE!

What You Get

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Seven Minute Mindfulness
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Now you have a decision to make

You could try and power through it. Try and use discipline and accountability to try and meditate every day. Which is not completely impossible.

You could give up all together. Say it's not for me and give up on the calm, clarity, and joy that is on offer.

Or, you could benefit from all the time and travel that I've spent developing this fast and immediately enjoyable Seven Minute Mindfulness system. Use it to be more present, enjoy each day a little more, transform the structure of your brain to perform better, and generally flourish in life!

With my sixty day guarantee, you risk nothing... But you can gain...
  • Calmness
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Strength
  • A Greater Joy Of Living
  • A Stronger Brain And Body

If you act now, you literally can't lose!

Take this opportunity now. I personally guarantee you won't regret it!

Get Instant Online Access For Just $17

What Scientists Are Saying About Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be used to improve literally every area of your life!

brain improvement program

A study published in Neuroreport tracked the neural pathways during meditation, and ACTUALLY MEASURED a positive change in the physical tissues of the brain.

The report words it this way:

"Our data indicate that regular practice of meditation is associated with increased thickness in a subset of cortical regions related to somatosensory, auditory, visual and interoceptive processing. Further, regular meditation practice may slow age-related thinning of the frontal cortex." (Sara W. Lazar, 2005)

In other words, meditating boosts your brain capacity, and keeps your brain young.

In Australian schools, 1 million students and 18,000 teachers
practice mindfulness every day

The program aims to get mindfulness into the Australian National Curriculum by 2020, and is run in conjunction with The Australian Department of Education, Deakin University, child and adolescent psychologists, educators, and resilience specialists.

Results show significant reductions in stress, with 68% of participants reporting a greater sense of calm. [3]

Teachers also reported "significant improvements in their concentration and the quality of their sleep after participating in the program." [4]

mindfulness immunity

Another study even looked into the effects of mindfulness for Immunity...

The scientists found...

"significant increases in left-sided anterior activation, a pattern previously associated with positive affect."

"We also found significant increases in antibody titers to influenza vaccine among subjects in the meditation compared with those in the wait-list control group."

"These findings demonstrate that a short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on brain and immune function."
(Davidson et al. 2003) [6]

Who is Seven Minute Mindfulness for?

This is for anyone who would like to enjoy life more and improve their brain

  • For mindfulness beginners AND non-beginners.
  • For anyone wanting to improve their career or effectiveness at work.
  • For anyone wanting to be a better parent, partner, or family member
  • For students and anyone wanting to learn better
  • For parents
  • For executives and entrepreneurs
  • For retired folk
  • For you, for me, and hopefully the neighbor.
This is for ANYONE who wants to be calmer, more creative, more resilient... to enjoy and appreciate life more!

What Happens Next?

When you click the 'Add to Cart' button, you'll be taken to a secure checkout page hosted by Clickbank.

Clickbank is the biggest, most trusted online information retailer in the world.

After you fill out the form, you'll be able to download the Seven Minute Mindfulness audios and ebooks. You'll also receive an email with a link to download them (so you can access your purchase any time in the future.)

Seven Minute Mindfulness

Experience Ultimate Inner Peace And Live Your Best Life!

The program contains 10 binaural mindfulness sessions, which come in downloadable mp3 format.

Listen to just 1 audio track for 7 minutes each day.

Let these short mindfulness sessions massage your tense mind...

remove any stress and anxiety...

And plant seeds of calm, relaxation, and creativity... that allow you to flourish!

Plus you'll also get...

The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook (downloadable .pdf format)
Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises (downloadable .pdf format)
The Mindful Millionaire Formula (downloadable .pdf format)
Your Ultimate Love Life Plan (downloadable .mp3 format)


Get started now and enjoy your extraordinary life!

Greg Thurston,

Co-creator of Seven Minute Mindfulness

P.S. This program is an electronic download so you can get started right away! No Shipping, No Waiting! And remember, this heavily discounted price of $17 is not going to be around for long, so if you want to get Seven Minute Mindfulness with the three free bonuses worth $57, you need to act NOW! Don't wait another second to start living the beautiful zen life that you deserve!

P.P.S.You have nothing to lose by ordering Seven Minute Mindfulness, no matter what country you're in. Remember you are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and my friendly customer support team will issue you a full refund.

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