Create More Calm, Focus, and Clarity In Your Daily Life!

In just 7 Minutes per day you can reduce stress and transform your brain to perform better...

brain training

Hi I'm Greg, and I want to show you how I increased my brain performance (most recently while learning Spanish then German).

This helped me overcome the never-ending pain of an injury from the past, it lifted my emotional threshold, and it enables me to quickly melt away the stress that builds up each day...

It's super fast and easy...

...and all I can say is that I'm more productive now and I enjoy the colors of life more thanks to this!

AND YOU TOO can use this system to be more effective at work and home, to communicate better, have better relationships, learn faster, achieve your goals faster, and be more calm and resilient.

Plus this will help you to...

  • Be more creative
  • Deal with emotions better
  • Have more energy
  • Be more present and free of constant distractions

... all in 7 minutes per day!

Whether you've been using mindfulness techniques for years or you're brand new...
... please try this.

Let me show you my fast, easy, science based method to feel less stressed and to flourish in life.

yoga and meditation This is my story, this is how it started...

During university I tried meditation.

The idea was to get an extra edge on my education and my life.

I dabbled at first, then more and more after I saw my grades improving.

I have one leg shorter than the other, which causes a lot of tension in my unbalanced hips, spine, and shoulders...

It's a problem that intruded into every area of my life...

Every time I excerted myself, I got pain. There was this constant nagging feeling in the back of my neck, and I could never fully relax or enjoy life.

Well... One day I was working as a builder's laborer during the University holidays.

My duty was to dig holes with a pick axe... chipping away at the hard rock... making space for a house to be built on top of a hill.

I chipped away at the earth for 4 hours with the pick axe, then spent 4 hours carrying buckets of rubble down the big hill... 3 cubic meters of earth and rubble (that's a lot)!

At the end of every day, my unbalanced body screamed with pain.

I couldn't relax and I couldn't stop thinking about the tension in my body...

... Think of how a song gets stuck in your head, or a frustrating thought that you just can't shake. It was just like that, but with physical aching.

That night, I lay down on the bed to meditate... and for some reason I started to really breathe into my aching hips and back.

Well, when I woke up the next morning, my muscles and joints made audible creaking noises... like a fire crackling red hot...

My body felt AMAZING.

It was a CRAZY moment of breakthrough...

...I had released the tension in my body...
with my mind and my breath!

Then it struck me: I had NEVER even noticed how meditation had TRANSFORMED my mental well being... my motivation, my performance, my "Joie de vivre".

It's funny how we tend to not notice our lives slowly changing...

I realised that, just as meditation had physically relieved my tired muscles, it had also transformed my brain...

But there was a MAJOR problem:
Meditation takes a long time, it can be tough...
And often meditation becomes Too Hard.

After a while it became something which "I just don't have time for".

I knew all of the scientific evidence said I should be meditating
(I'll show you how it physically improves your brain structure soon)...

and I had seen the transformation in my own life...


I kept failing to make it a regular habit (and I was missing out on the rewards because of it.)

Life was like a heart monitor machine... climbing then dropping during the good times and bad.

When I had the energy and time to meditate, my quality of life soared:

I could easily deal with stress and challenging situations. I had confidence, my mind was clear, and good things seemed to naturally come my way...

But when I DIDN'T have the energy or time to meditate, my life sunk...

Over the next few years, many times over, I experienced the highs and lows which came with a meditation practice I couldn't quite keep.

Each time I fell into a slump, I couldn't recover as well...

Life was grinding me down, and I was losing control... I had lost my zest for life.

meditation for work stress
I hated my job and I felt trapped.

I was un-appreciated and I didn't believe in the company I worked for.

With no time for myself, my meditation stopped, my romance dried up, and my mind was flooded with problems.

Stress snuck up on me like a man-eating monster... Slowly chewing up every area of life.

It all changed one afternoon when my boss instructed me to rip off a client. Like a lightening bolt, I suddenly realised the job had become untenable.

I made a quick decision and I QUIT in a Hollywood style blaze of glory.
(Imagine a lot of yelling both ways... followed by the most honest conversation ever... then I LEFT!)

As I walked out the door, I yanked off the tie which had been strangling my neck, and felt the biggest smile spread across my face.

I was young with next to no money, living away from family support, in a different country ... but it was the BEST DECISION... it was the ONLY OPTION.

I'm so glad that day happened!

It was the much needed shock to my system...

It empowered me to trust that instinct inside...

It woke me up to the fact that life can be better...

And by the time I arrived home, I had a clear goal:

It was time to take proper care of my mind... to find a way that fits in with life.

I didn't want to feel "just OK"... I wanted and deserved to FEEL AWESOME!

How to do it...

The first thing is that I SIMPLY CANNOT spend an hour each day meditating.

I knew meditation is good for me... BUT I didn't have the time...

And the honest truth is:
Time can be the difference between doing it and failing.

fast 7 minute meditation Plus I found it really hard to sit or lie down focusing for an hour.

Meditation was like going to the gym: You know It's good for you, but often it ends up in the "Too-Hard Basket".

So I started piecing together a master plan.

And here's what I found:

There are 2 Magic Ingredients to make meditation really work FOR ANYONE...

1: It must be fast
2: It must be easy

Now don't get me wrong... I respect longer and more intensive and traditional meditation styles....

But this is the KEY to GUARANTEE I actually do it and get the full rewards...

I had to make it easily doable at any time... and maintainable... and powerful!

That is how to maintain this yoga for the mind!

Then I discovered One Final Criteria... which I didn't even realise was possible:

Your "Calming Mind" can actually be working ALL THE TIME...

Even when you're not meditating...

Making you more present...and constantly feeding you more energy, clarity, and joy.

This is the difference between Meditation and Mindfulness...

Meditation is just one Mindfulness method.

Mindfulness can be working for you all the time... Essentially on autopilot!

You can make Mindfulness run all the time in the background...

Decluttering your brain and bringing out the best in life...

Now, I know this sounds outrageous, but bear with me and I'll show you how.

So, my journey unfolded and the method grew organically...

I travelled to Thailand, Cambodia, Spain, Brazil and Germany...

And I inhaled EVERY ounce of knowledge about mindfulness and the mind-body connection I could find...

I investigated traditional mindfulness practices AND researched what modern science knows today about the power of the mind...

learning about mindfulness around the world

I compiled the best meditation, mindfulness, and brain training techniques (and filtered out what worked and what didn't.)

The most significant, eye opening, and urgent fact I learned is how stress builds up in our bodies over the years...

...and when we DON'T release stress... we get sick, diseased, unhappy, and suffer from chronic tension...

I discovered what more and more scientists and medical professionals are embracing today...

It's essentially the same thing that Ancient Eastern Traditions have been using throughout history...

And that is...

Mindfulness can be used to improve literally every area of your life!

brain improvement program

A study published in Neuroreport tracked the neural pathways during meditation, and ACTUALLY MEASURED a positive change in the physical tissues of the brain.

The report words it this way:

"Our data indicate that regular practice of meditation is associated with increased thickness in a subset of cortical regions related to somatosensory, auditory, visual and interoceptive processing. Further, regular meditation practice may slow age-related thinning of the frontal cortex." (Sara W. Lazar, 2005)

In other words, meditating boosts your brain capacity, and keeps your brain young.

In Australian schools, 1 million students and 18,000 teachers
practice mindfulness every day

The program aims to get mindfulness into the Australian National Curriculum by 2020, and is run in conjunction with The Australian Department of Education, Deakin University, child and adolescent psychologists, educators, and resilience specialists.

Results show significant reductions in stress, with 68% of participants reporting a greater sense of calm. [3]

Teachers also reported "significant improvements in their concentration and the quality of their sleep after participating in the program." [4]

mindfulness immunity

Another study even looked into the effects of mindfulness for Immunity...

The scientists found...

"significant increases in left-sided anterior activation, a pattern previously associated with positive affect."

"We also found significant increases in antibody titers to influenza vaccine among subjects in the meditation compared with those in the wait-list control group."

"These findings demonstrate that a short program in mindfulness meditation produces demonstrable effects on brain and immune function."
(Davidson et al. 2003) [6]

The point is, mindfulness allows us to flourish mentally, emotionally, AND physically...

The more you look, the more obvious it becomes...

And there is no better example than Scott Mason...

When I met Scott, I discovered a new definition of "amazing"...

Eight years earlier Scott woke up and found himself lying in a hospital bed.

Scott had been in a coma for a week, he had major internal injuries, and his right leg was totally crushed.

In a single moment Scott's life had changed forever...

Doctors saved Scott's life, stitching and bolting him back together...

... but they predicted he would never walk again properly... and he would suffer intense pain for the rest of his life.

Well... Scott recovered, he rebuilt himself, and he ended up walking 1000 Kilometers along the South African coastline!

More about Scott soon... BUT FIRST...

There is one more thing I must tell you right now...

This is a Game Changer...

It's a study by the Roosevelt University Stress Institute...

mindfulness music

Scientists researched the effect of special music on the brain's relaxation 'R-States'.

Results showed deep psychological relaxation and less stress when subjects listen to this music.

mind relaxing music Now, many traditions from Thailand, Cambodia, China, and India have been using music for centuries in their meditation practices and daily rituals...

So this got me thinking...

Could special relaxation music be the answer I was searching for?

I followed the idea... reading everything I found about therapeutic music technology...

And I discovered one more secret that changed everything...

This was to be The Ultimate Piece of my FAST, EFFECTIVE, EASY method to calm busy thoughts and nourish the mind...

It's an idea which was first explored in Germany in 1839, but only recently has technology allowed us to truly capture its power.

Technology called "Binaural Tones".

quick binaural tones meditation Binaural tones massage your mind...

Audio tones of two slightly different frequencies are embedded into a music track, so your left ear and right ear hear slightly different sounds...

... This 'tricks' your brain into hearing a third, illusionary tone which sends your mind into a state of deep relaxation.

It's a safe, natural, and effortless way to enhance meditation!

Beyond relaxation, the Binaural Effect promotes neuron growth in your brain and increases your cognitive ability. [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]

This is easy Yoga for your mind!

Binaural Tones make your brain stronger, and more able to quickly process things...

Including emotions, stress, and mentally challenging tasks.

Instinctively, I knew this was the missing tool I needed.

And here's the important part, so listen close...

With fresh passion, I took ALL of the incredible mind-power techniques I had discovered and combined them with the most calming meditation rhythms and the right Binaural Tone audio sequences...


Press 'Play' to Experience the Most Interesting 7 Minutes of Your Life

As I discovered, seven minutes is all it takes to relax your mind and body into an incredibly deep state of calm...

And to feel the effects for hours, days, and weeks later...

Every day I listen to just one of these powerful audio tracks, and I release any tension and stress that has built up inside of me.

Now I sleep soundly, and I can even cross my legs in "Lotus Pose" - something which was impossible before.

More than just physical relief resulted though...

It's as if my eyes opened to the beauty and the potential in life. Now there's ample space for simple, natural joy in life.

When you use this you'll be calmer, more creative, and life will work out better for you!

And the best thing is, you don't have to spend all your time meditating...

All you do is lie back, plug in your headphones and listen to an audio track for just 7 minutes...

...and the stress and busy thoughts melt away

Does this sound amazing to you? Well, I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to experience...

I was so excited, I started contacting friends who were struggling to overcome problems in their lives, and shared my 7 minute mindfulness tracks with them...

Dan was struggling with stress, anxiety, and always feeling tired. For years he had felt constantly overworked and under-appreciated.

He tried the system, and here's what he messaged me two hours later:

"WOW! As soon as I started listening to the Bodyscan track, I immediately felt my stress and anxiety leave my body, which was replaced by a refreshing positive energy I haven't felt for years!"

-- Dan from Australia

I was so happy to be helping others discover the power of mindfulness and use it to overcome the obstacles they were facing.

Soon I was contacted by an online publishing house who had gotten wind of my powerful method.

The Publisher asked me to transform all of my mindfulness tracks, research, and techniques into an online program. That way I could help more people.

And that's how this fast, easy, powerful mindfulness program was born... a program I call:

Seven Minute Mindfulness

The mind-body secret to living your most amazing zen life

Seven Minute Mindfulness is the result of over 5 years of research and a whole lot of passion...

Taking the Ancient Eastern Secrets of traditional Meditation and Mindfulness and combining them with the latest brain research developments...

To give you a fast, effective system which ensures you get results...

Give yourself 7 minutes of peace so your mind can de-clutter and release the stress that builds up.

By just pressing play you can improve your brain structure, control your mood, become more creative and more able to perform at your best...

... and you can ENJOY LIFE MORE!

If you want, you can...
  • Become a better communicator
  • Achieve great goals
  • Be a better partner or parent
  • Improve your career, sport, or accomplishments
  • Make the most of life
  • Have the mental space for whatever you want right now.

When I crafted this into an online program I had three goals in mind...

First, to make it easy for ANYONE to use and as close to 'done for you' as humanly possible...

Second, to make it fast working so you can experience life changing results in a few minutes...

And third, to make a program which gives ANYONE who uses it the ability to experience the amazing benefits of mindfulness immediately, without spending hours meditating!

Today, I've crushed it all in easy seven minute audio tracks!

Simply listen on your phone, on the stereo, on the computer, on a tablet... wherever and whenever you like...

You can literally get the incredible benefits of traditional mindfulness without disrupting your lifestyle AT ALL.

Sound good? I sure hope so.

Here's what you get inside
Seven Minute Mindfulness

The Seven Minute Mindfulness Audio Sessions

seven minute mindfulness audio mp3
First you get the incredible Seven Minute Mindfulness Audio Sessions...

Embedded with Binaural Tones, powerful meditation directives and ultra-relaxation music.

Press play and listen for 7 minutes each day...

Let these short mindfulness sessions massage your tense mind, remove stress and anxiety, and plant seeds of calm relaxation that allow you to flourish and nurture the life you want.

Track 1: Body Scan

Connect your mind to your body, and release the tension in both.

Track 2: A Boat Ride of Calm

Take your mind on a relaxing and invigorating journey out to sea and back.

Track 3: Three Part Breathing

Experience the 3-part Yoga breathing technique that can transform your mind and body.

Track 4: Rejuvinate Your Mind

Release the tension in your mind and rejuvinate.

Track 5: Declutter and Create Space

Put down the Juggling Balls for 7 minutes and relax.

Track 6: Find Your Calm

Give yourself whatever you need from 7 minutes of peace.

Track 7: A Tranquil Journey

Listen, follow the story, and wake up feeling awesome 7 minutes later!

Just listening to 1 track per day will change your life!

These 7 Minute Mindfulness Audio Sessions are available right now to download to your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever device you have.

Expect a massive improvement in your mood, focus, and you're general state of mind...

You'll be excited about life... success and abundance will flow to you in amazing new ways... and your whole body will feel like it has been born anew!

The best part is that you don't need any special skills to use this program.

Just plug in a pair of headphones, listen to an audio track, and your brain will enter a powerful state of calm.

Next you get the 7 Minute Mindfulness Guidebook...

Follow Your Breath: A blueprint to mindfulness in the 21st Century'

Remember I mentioned my friend Scott earlier.
Scott woke up from a coma, then ended up walking a 1000 kilometer journey and healing far beyond the doctors' expectations...

Well, Scott and I teamed up to create Follow Your Breath.

Inside this powerful and practical guidebook, you'll get all the knowledge, research, and the best and most practical techniques we've discovered over the years.

...From centuries of traditional healing and wellbeing practices, to the radical discoveries of modern sciences and technology.

You'll learn meditation and mindfulness techniques to turbo charge your mental capacity and joy of life.

You'll hear real life case studies of others who have used these techniques to heal their physical pains and life traumas, or to remove mental blocks that were holding them back (prepare to be wowed and inspired!)

Plus you'll get simple exercises that you can squeeze into the busiest day to quickly create more calm and clarity.

Here's a small glimpse of what you'll discover in
Follow Your Breath: A blueprint to mindfulness in the 21st Century

Downloadable .PDF Ebook File.
Read it on your computer, phone, kindle, tablet... or printing it is nice.
First, get a brief insight into mindfulness from around the world and throughout history.

From a sage-hermit in India, to Shamans in the Americas, the African Koi San, and Chinese Monks...

...through to modern day scientific discoveries about mindfulness and its power.

There's some theory, a little science, and a lot of practical advice you can use to boost your mind and your life.

This a practical guidebook, filled with examples and exercises you can use immediately, but you'll also get a glimpse into the world of Qigong, Pranayama, mantras, the power of music, and other traditions that have transformative effects.

Read life experiences from those we met along the way... include people dealing with anxiety, Scoliosis, heart problems, body issues, stress, and more.

You'll get the techniques they use, and you'll learn how to make it benefit you.

Explore the mind-body connection, including how hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol raise your heartrate, quicken your breathing and prime your muscles for action... but these hormones also cause damage when stress builds up.

Take a brief look at the Limbic System - the part of your brain which controls emotional responses. Discover how stress upsets the balance of your limbic system... and how you can restore that balance and quickly recover.

Plus... use the techniques below to rejuvenate your mind, get a handle on your emotions, and bring a little magic into life.

Page 75
"The Bubble of Calm Technique"
Use this one minute exercise any time of the day to dismiss anxious thoughts and inject calm and confidence into your mind.

Watch in amazement as you gain control of your thoughts and emotions... like a cowboy taming a wild and out of control horse.

You'll be amazed at how you can turn overwhelm into awesomeness.
Page 146
If you suffer from any kind of physical pain then you are going to love the "Deep Muscle Massage Technique"

This is deep relaxation for your tired muscles and joints, but you use your mind to do it.

Prepare to feel a lightness in your limbs as your muscles relax and unravel like a rope being freed from its knots.

(This is the exact method I discovered many years ago to heal the pain of my broken body.)
Page 161
Kickstart your day with the "Calm Mind Mist" technique!

This shower-time ritual will set you up for a day where everything goes your way...

your colleagues will watch you with envious admiration and strangers will smile at you on the street because of the bounce in your step, radiant smile on your face and the twinkle in your eye...

(people will actually notice... it's a little surprising at first).
Page 162
Did you know Serotonin is responsible for mood balance?...

And a deficit of serotonin can lead to depression.

Well, you can use my Serotonin Checklist to take care of your brain's "pleasure centre" and keep it in a blissful state of happiness, joy, and positivity.
Page 152
The Brain Booster Nutrition Plan is your list of the most powerful foods to pick up at your local grocery store to invoke a calm and relaxed state in your mind...

Give your brain the best food it needs to grow!
Page 133
The "Personal Identity Reset Exercise" is inspired by a drug addict who was living under a bridge in Vancouver...

He managed to turn it all around, overcame his cycle of destructive behaviors, become a self-made millionaire, and continues to help others today to destroy their demons and achieve greatness.

Use this exercise to quickly break out of negative mental cycles and pave the way to success!
Page 183
You'll get my simple 2 Minute Exercises to release stress.

Choose your favorite and use it whenever your mind starts getting weighed down with stress, when you have a tough decision to make, or when you feel your mind becoming overwhelmed.
Page 89
There is so much more packed into this book that I can't even tell you about it all here...

But finally, let me tell you about the "Positivity Infuser Technique"

Do this and replace those habitual negative thoughts with the kinds of thoughts that will attract a more fulfilling life to you.

Plus... You'll also get an Audio book Version of all of this

The "Follow Your Breath: A blueprint to mindfulness in the 21st Century" audio book

This audiobook was recorded by a professional voice over artist, for you to listen and enjoy whenever and where-ever you like.

Listen to a chapter each morning while you enjoy your breakfast... or at any time you like.

This comes in .MP3 format, and is easy to transfer to your phone, tablet, computer, ipod, burn to a CD, or however you want to listen.

But let me be honest with you...

Even if you ONLY want to listen to the 7 minute audio sessions, and not even read the 'Follow Your Breath' book... will gain enormous clarity, relief, and energy to be your best!

In just 7 minutes per day!

Most people can't even shower and put their clothes on in 7 minutes... But you can eliminate stress and boost your mind power to unheard of levels...

Just minutes from now you'll be able to use 7 Minute Mindfulness to reduce anxiety... relieve stress and physical pain... be more creative... communicate better....

So let me ask you...

"Are you ready to break the cycle of anxiety, stress, and exhaustion?"

"Are you ready to embrace your incredible future?"

If you're still reading this, it means the answer is YES.

Just imagine how it will feel to bounce out of bed each morning with boundless energy...

Imagine a tingle of excitement rippling through your veins ....

Imagine how incredible you will feel when you have more energy to enjoy the things that matter in life... like your family, your career, and doing the things you love...

Can you honestly imagine what it will feel like to have an abundance of confidence propelling you towards everything you desire in life?

And better yet, to get all of this without having to "work hard" or spend hours learning how?

With all of that in mind, let me ask you...

What do YOU think would be a fair price for
Seven Minute Mindfulness?

the key to mindfulness

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Remember you won't find this method anywhere else...

So, would one hundred and ninety seven dollars be a fair price for that kind of life changing secret? How about three hundred and ninety seven dollars?

As I am sure you can agree, putting a fair price on this system wasn't easy...

After all, it is the key to take control of your mind and transform your life in the best way possible...

But the thing is... I believe the reason I discovered this method was to put it in the hands of people who need it the most...

People who, like me, want one true solution to break out of negativity and transform into a stronger, happier and healthier person...

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Why am I offering you such a comprehensive 60-day money back guarantee?

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Bonus Gift Number 1...

delta sleep meditation track

Delta Sleep Audio Track
Worth $19

Do you want to sleep better?

Use the "Delta Sleep Audio Track" to trigger your natural deep sleep cycle.

After a tough day you can collapse into bed...

Sink into your pillow

...and drift off to sleep in a matter of minutes, then enjoy a calm and restful sleep.

Bonus Gift Number 2...

delta sleep meditation track

Turning Anxiety Into
Love And Joy
Worth $19

Tired of anxiety kidnapping your thoughts?

My 'Turning Anxiety into Love and Joy' meditation track will give you mental strength when anxiety takes over your mind.

The moment you play this meditation, you can allow your anxiety to evaporate and be replaced by a surge of confidence and power...

Bonus Gift Number 3...

delta sleep meditation track

The Mind-Body
Relaxation Audio Track
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Bring instant ease to even the most distraught, stressed, or nervous mind

With the "Mind-Body Relaxation Audio Track".

Switch on the audio track...

and relax into a sea of deep calm.

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delta sleep meditation track

The Mindful Millionaire
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Rearrange your thinking patterns and become a magnet for wealth and success...

with the "Mindful Millionaire Formula!"

The Mindful Millionaire Formula is presented by a very special self-made millionaire guest...

Get the mindset traits which give this high-performer his edge.

  • How to have a "can do anything" attitude.
  • Negotiate with a win-win mindset.
  • 1 vital secret to master wealth generation.
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delta sleep meditation track

Your Ultimate Love Life Plan
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What would it be worth to have your ultimate love life?

Well Professional Marriage Counsellor Bob Grant has recorded the comprehensive audio session, Your Ultimate Love Life Plan.

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  • For parents who need seven minutes of peace.
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This is for ANYONE who wants to be calmer, more creative, more resilient... to enjoy and appreciate life more!

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I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get my program and start enjoying life more, which is why my program is available via instant download!

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